DIY Pokéball Makeup Tutorial | Video

diy pokéball

This post is especially for all my Pokémon Go obsessed readers, and don’t worry, you’re in good company. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy this DIY Pokéball Makeup Tutorial, I legit made it up whilst playing Pokémon Go on the train home. I’ve always wanted to try DIY makeup, so I was excited to finally have … [Read more…]

What’s the Go with Rose Hip Oil?

rose hip oil

We have all seen Rose Hip Oil, whether at the Chemist, your mothers cupboard or even just on Instagram. But what is the big fuss about? I’ve gone all detective on you to try to get to the bottom of things.   What is Rose Hip? First of all, unless you are some sort of … [Read more…]

Lush Haul | Featuring my bunnies


I have been loving baths this Winter. It has become the main place I watch YouTube videos, and it’s the one place I find truly relaxing at the moment. Now, I know using one Lush bath bomb per bath, can be darn expensive (I can’t afford no $8 per bath), so I try to break … [Read more…]

Manicare Face and Body Tools Round Up


Manicare is the kind of brand that has always been around for me. Not usually my first choice, but perfect for when you’re just starting off with beauty or need cheap items like travel containers and luffas. I was quite keen when I was contacted to be gifted some Manicare products, so I decided to … [Read more…]